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Powerful Price Positioning ( Italiano ) – Dan Kennedy

Powerful Price Positioning ( Italiano ) - Dan Kennedy

Scarica il corso Powerful Price Positioning di Dan Kennedy per solo 47 Euro invece di 200 euro ( Corso in italiano )

“Discover The Jealously-Guarded Secrets Of The GKIC Elite Who Regularly Charge 5-10x More For Their Products/Services Than Their Competitors, And How You Can ‘Legally Steal’ These Secrets To INSTANTLY Increase The Income And Value Of Your Business.”

We’re going to show you how you can triple your price without resistance no matter what industry you’re in.

This is how GKIC founder Dan Kennedy is able to charge up to $100,000 for a sales letter and how other GKIC Elite are able to charge 500% to 5000% more than their competitors.

You see, price is the #1 way you can spearhead dramatic improvements in PROFIT in your business.  

But if you’re like most business owners, you’re committing a common crime against your bottom line:  severely undercharging for your product or service…

You see, price is the path to stored value, hidden and overlooked opportunities, and even personal liberty for business owners.  Yet most businesses are treated like a commodity that’s interchangeable like a cog in a wheel.

That’s because they don’t know how to totally reinvent their business so they can be perceived differently from other businesses.  That way, they can double and triple their prices with a straight face—and STILL have customers, clients, or patients do business with them without sales resistance.

They believe the LIE that every customer, client or patient makes buying decisions based on price when the TRUTH is that only 10% of your clientele make their buying decisions based on price…

If you’re honest with yourself, you can probably admit that you’re not extracting the maximum price the market will pay for your products or services.   That’s because you’ve never been exposed to a blueprint for positioning or reinventing your business so you can double or triple your prices—and your profits.

Powerful Price Positioning will allow you to be able to make some strategic changes in the way you price and the way you present your prices to your marketplace.

Scarica il corso Powerful Price Positioning di Dan Kennedy per solo 97 $ invece di 997 euro ( Corso in italiano )